The Philly 10 speak! Philadelphia activists counter the narrative of the police and the bourgeois press, carry the struggle forward

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL


Ten activists jailed last week after demonstrating at a public forum hosted by the Philadelphia Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police delivered statements to the public today, 26 March, at an energetic and defiant press conference held on the north side of City Hall. The Philly 10 were joined by comrades and allies from the Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice and Action Against Black Genocide (AABG), among other organisations. Speakers shredded apart the misleading portrait of the incident being painted by the bourgeois press, and denounced the hamfisted repression by the PPD, and the pigs’ failure to hold their own accountable for the shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown.

The 10 were detained last week, 19 March, while demanding justice and an end to racist police brutality, inside a police-community meeting attended and controlled by Police Commissioner Ramsey, DA Seth Williams, the PPD and the FOP…

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