Towards Stateless Democracy — English Edition

Diogenes 21

rojava-mural So, click the picture and enjoy the ebook!

Democracy only there grows, where there is a
popular need of the masses.
It emerges as the
reaction against the voracity of State, as anecessary defense of the grass-­root institutions,self­-organized  economical  and  cultural  interests  ofthe people against bureaucracy.
Edward Abramowski

We weren’t able to go to Kobane, to bring you firsthand stories from the   front.   We   could   only   tell   you   the   story   of   the   siege,   based   on relations of others, using our knowledge and analytical skills. Today, when Kobane is free and ISIS in retreat, it is about time for you to learn  how   come   that   Rojava   Autonomy   emerged,   what   are   its   roots
and what ideology grows out of them. It is important, as the ideals of Rojava   –   ideals   of   the   whole   humanity   –   were   the   reason   for   the defenders of Kobane to be so tough…

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