BREAKING: Heiltsuk Wins Herring Dispute As government Agrees To Close Fishery


dfo_sue_farlinger_heiltsuk_herring_fishery_protest_occupy_dispute_fish_-_mychaylo_prystupa_mg_0044_w3000_1-1 Sue Farlinger, regional DFO director (center) speaks to crowd of Heiltsuk community members gathered outside the DFO office on Denny Island, to update on negotiations about the controversial herring fishery on Monday night. Photo by Mychaylo Prystupa.

By  | Vancouver Observer

In a stunning reversal, the federal government caved in to Heiltsuk First Nation’s demands to close commercial fishing of herring near Bella Bella in northern B.C.

“It is confirmed. All commercial gill-netters are exiting Heiltsuk waters,” Heiltsuk First Nation councillor Jess Housty wrote on Facebook this afternoon. “They will be escorted by Heiltsuk patrol boats and we will continue to occupy DFO until they have exited our waters.”

“This victory belongs to the whole community. Grateful for our relatives from other Nations, our allies everywhere…And work is already beginning to ensure this issue is never pushed to such extremes again.”

The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans…

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