Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL


The Movement to Free Mumia has called for a national day of action in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and in broad opposition to the brutality and neglect endemic to the USAmerican prison system.

In a press release obtained by Serve the People this morning (3 April) supporters of Mumia call for and end to his slow “execution by medical neglect,” the release of all political prisoners, the release of elderly people from prisons, an end to the death penalty, and comprehensive health care for all US prisoners.

Most immediately, the press release calls for full and unrestricted visitation for Mumia by his family and close friends and supporters, as well as his lawyers.The prison just recently instated repressive new rules in response to the international outcry over his captivity incommunicado, restricting family visitations to once-per-week, and then for only one half-hour at a time.

The release also calls for a…

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