Ferguson is Everywhere

Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

Moralists, academics and journalists, in short the occupants of the bosses ideological ivory tower have “discovered” sociological truths which are the everyday life experience of peoples of color, the working poor and marginalized people. The criminalization of poverty, the school to prison pipeline, the privatization of prisons, the disproportionate “stopping and frisking” of men of color, the fee seeking judicial rackets, the institutional structures of racist economic oppression that marginalize entire demographics and the subliminal effect the historic economic oppression and marginalization have on prejudicial, stereotyping and racist dehumanization of “the other” (in particular but not exclusively young black and brown men) by the human material that maintain those structures-the police, are unleashed as an occupying army. Thus the local tax man have a Praetorian guard engaged to “protect and serve” the system of economic exploitation and oppression which creates the poverty and the marginalization and supports ruling class hatred…

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