Sailing the Sakman Towards Decolonization

Mumun Linahyan

When people say that there is no way to turn back the clock or no way to go back in time in terms of decolonization, they are only partially right. History is not a progress in which things move forward in a simple, straight line. The idea that things are lost and nothing can be done isn’t really true. It is built on an assumption of authenticity and that in order for something to exist and be real it must be pure, it must not have changed. But this isn’t how things actually work. Neither humans nor the world itself persist in this way.

Things are forgotten all the time, but things also always carry the possibility of being recovered and rediscovered. Decolonization is not a matter of resurrecting things long lost in a perfect and authentic manner. It is not traveling back in time to live exactly the way…

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